“Solutions Revealed offered invaluable information relating to a key customer and enabled us to progress and improve relationships and performance and get our service levels back on track."
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Many different consultants have determined ways to apply our services to their clients. Most importantly these resources are:

  • Highly professional and affordable;
  • A compliment to your ongoing services and identifying new consulting opportunities;
  • For both you and your clients, fast easy execution from start to finish;
  • Takes away any concerns for bias and objectivity as the data comes from the stakeholders in the organisation – employees, managers, customers and suppliers and any others that know it best
  • Areas identified for improvement that you can help them implement;
  • Measurable results to monitor the success of initiatives.

Our Support

We want to make sure that you are successful utilising our diagnostic suite. We will show you how to deal with set-up and will assist with implementations. We deal with all processing for you. Once a report is completed we will go over it with you to help you see how to best interpret it. Our support is always available to assist you in anyway required. Often this can be useful in helping design the way it will be used and with any customisation.

Working together – the business side

You can integrate the DISCOUNTED SIZE RELATED FIXED COST to you of using our services into your fee to your client in any way and at any level you decide. We have no financial interest in any other work you do for your clients or for any work that might arise from their report. We are your back-office resources simply for what is YOUR REPORT SERVICE.

Our objective is to establish a network of consultants to get work from and to refer prospects to - often through prospects from our website and the free test drive. We become a potential lead generator for you, and you become a selling/marketing channel for us.

There is a one off joining fee of between £295 & £695 depending on where the training is to take place and the numbers involved. This covers initial training, ongoing support, and being added to our list of consultants to whom we can refer local prospects we raise. There are no other charges apart from those related to actual work for specific customers.

Larger groups and organisations who expect to use our services regularly, and who have appropriate staff we can train, can reduce their ongoing costs by having their own trained internal consultant – though still with our support.

Interested? E-mail BRIAN WILSON at info@solutionsrevealed.co.uk and we'll set-up a time to talk.