“Highly recommended to share with other providers as good practice.”
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About Solutions Revealed

The Organisation Optimiser

Starting in 2012 we have run the Organisation Optimiser annually. It has been a significant contributor to our improved business results, our relationships with both our customers and service partners, and how we function as a company – monitoring our progress and identifying new opportunities for improvement.

Kevin Graham Divisional Director Eurovia Contracting North, Eurovia Infrastructure Limited - October 2015

The Manager Optimiser

The Manager Optimiser allows us to help our managers improve their management practices by seeing how their teams, colleagues and superiors rate them as compared to how they rate themselves. Based on the core practices of successful managers, this has proven to be a valuable annual resource alongside our group appraisal system. It has resulted in targeted training and the ongoing improvement of our management capabilities and resulting business growth and success.

Kevin Graham Divisional Director Eurovia Contracting North, Eurovia Infrastructure Limited - October 2015

"A vital tool in developing your business. I would recommend the use of Solutions Revealed to all Businesses.”
Air Tube Conveyors Ltd

 “A genuine service that brought many surprises for us and allowed us to effect change in line with the needs of our people and our clients. Excellent value for money.”
Mears Communications Ltd

“Solutions Revealed offered invaluable information and enabled us to progress and improve relationships and performance and get our service levels back on track. Identifying key weaknesses and unearthing problems that had previously not been identified within the project team, Solutions Revealed allowed targeted action to be taken”
Courtaulds Textiles

Very impressed with Solutions Revealed and how it can be used to inform Self Assessment Reports, Business Plans and Development Plans.  Also found the Comparison feature useful. Recommended it be shared with other providers.
Peer Referencing Consultant.
Suzanne Lester

“Good progress in the use and evaluation of feedback mechanisms….. Arena Learning makes very good use of a commercial package called Solutions Revealed to gather internal and external feedback from a wide range of stakeholders. The review takes place on an annual basis and very detailed reports focus on key business components such as strategic challenges and essential capabilities. The process uses a questionnaire to gather feedback and this is consolidated and converted to graphs and tables. Good use is made of these detailed reports by a wide range of team meetings to evaluate provision and inform the management decision making process.”

Highly recommended to share with other providers as good practice.

The Matrix Assessor identified 6 strengths during the assessment process, one of them being Solutions Revealed

“The Solutions Revealed development tool has been used by the organisation for several years to provide a benchmark against 15 essential organisation capabilities. The organisation uses this to identify strengths and areas of development as part of their continuous improvement. Arena have involved employers and their partners as part of the annual exercise which has further strengthened the process. Encouraged to present the tool to other providers to share good practice.”

“Solutions Revealed has been particularly helpful. It highlighted what we do well and directs us to what we should be doing better. It provides a great foundation for continuous improvement. The actual process created minimal disruption. The whole process was completed in four weeks.
The reports are very thorough and easy to follow. They have been used as evidence for our OFSTED (ALI) monitoring visit and our recent successful Matrix accreditation. On both occasions it featured as a strength in our feedback reports and recommendations were made that it should be shared with other providers as good practice.”
Arena Learning’s MD

Test Drive Capability Snapshot